Our Facilities

We has invested heavily and equipped with machineries for various purposes such as rolling, welding, machining and cutting, surface treatment and protection, etc. Our goal is to be self-reliant so that most things can be done in-house decreasing our lead time.


  1. Cutting Machine (CNC Plasma Hyperthem Germany Max- 60mm)
  2. Shearing Machine (Haco Belgium Hydraulic Guillotine – 3050Wx13T)
  3. Press Machine (Electronic NC Ermark Turkey 250BAR AP3100-300)
  4. Roller / Bending Machine
  5. Drill Machine
  6. Punch Machine – Iron worker
  7. Auto Welding Machine ( c/w Column & Boom)
  8. Welding Sets (Movable / Portable)
  9. Welding Positioner (Tilting/Rotating)
  10. Gouging Machine
  11. Portable (SAW) Machine (LT-7)
  12. 20 Tons Self Aligned Roller/Idler
  13. Overhead Cranes
  14. Forklift
  15. Air Compressor, Air Receiver Tank & Pneumatic Tools
  16. Scaffolding Services
  17. Chamber & Equipment for Blasting & Painting
  18. Workshop with Safe Working Zone & Clean Environment